EANC Call to Action – Raise Congressional Awareness of Baltic Issues!

EANC is joining forces with our Joint Baltic American National Committee (JBANC) colleagues to rally our communities to contact their Members of Congress (MoCs) at their local district offices during the August Congressional recess.  All Estonian Americans are invited to contact their Senators and Representatives during the week of August 20th to raise awareness among MoCs and advocate for issues important to the Baltic region.  This concentrated effort will send a clear message to Congress that Estonian and U.S. national security are closely linked and that a strong NATO is the cornerstone for both nations’ defense against the Kremlin’s aggressive agenda.BAW Aug 2018 save the date

EANC is coordinating talking points and background information with its colleagues in the American Latvian Association and Lithuanian American Council for dissemination to Baltic American communities nationwide prior to the event.  Topics will include recognition of support the U.S. has already sent to the region, the importance of NATO unity, full implementation of sanctions against Russia, Nord Stream 2 and the threats it poses to Baltic security, H.Res.826, which recognizes this year’s Baltic centennials, and membership in the House Baltic Caucus.

EANC calls on all interested Estonian Americans to take part in this important advocacy event.  Participation in any capacity is welcome.  Options include calling your MoCs’ local offices during that week; making appointments to visit their offices, either individually or by organizing a group of local Estonian or Baltic Americans to go together; or writing letters or e-mails to the local offices on the topics outlined above.  Coordination among Baltic Americans in the same district to visit their Representative and/or Senators together would be especially effective.

Please stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks and RSVP to if you intend to take part.  EANC will reach out to its council members and local Estonian society leadership to help them organize their communities.  A successful event will leave MoCs with a strong awareness that Estonia is important to their constituents and help ensure Estonia’s security remains a priority for U.S. policy in the Baltic region.

Contact information for local offices can be found at


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