EANC Meets with Clinton Foreign Policy Staff

Estonian American National Council representatives joined Central and East European colleagues for a meeting with advisors to the Clinton campaign, including Secretary Madeleine Albright, on Thursday, September 8th.  This was the third in a series of meetings the Central and East European Coalition (CEEC) has been pursuing with the campaigns of presidential candidates from all parties and our second meeting with Hillary Clinton’s staff.  We met with Secretary Albright and other advisors in June, Independent candidate Evan McMullin earlier in September, and have made contact with officials from Donald Trump’s staff with no meeting time set at this writing.

This meeting with Clinton’s advisors was a two-way exchange of ideas and priorities for the remainder of the campaign season.  CEEC representatives affirmed the importance of continued U.S. leadership in NATO and maintaining sanctions in support of Ukraine.  There was also discussion about the need to address Russia’s information war and other forms of aggression.

Secretary Albright stressed the importance of this election and emphasized that keeping America and its needs first in mind over partisanship is the best approach to moving forward.  Most importantly, it was stressed that the most effective way to make a difference is to participate in the process and vote.


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